how to make custom glass bottles

1, Design Sketch

The customer provides a simple sketch, and our engineer optimizes it and designs beautiful glass bottles.

2, 3D Model

We will print a 3D model, let you feel its three-dimensional effect. Is the fastest and low cost presentation.

3, Sample Mold

We will make a sample mold, to produce a real glass bottle, to determine and modify it, to ensure its perfect.

4, Mass production

After confirming that the sample is perfect, our excellent and fast production team will finish mass production with high quality.

5, Deep Processing

If you need special logo or label, we can give you the best price.

We provide custom glass bottles for our customers.

We need clients send us some product photo or similar product photo and the information on volume /height/diameter etc.

Please note that we only design for the product which purchase quantity more than 100000pc per year .

Please fill in the table below and send us photos and drawing via mail

Request Drawing